What is GrantScoop?
GrantScoop is a web-based resource for scientists who are seeking grant money. Our database offers a curated, up-to-date list of private and government funding opportunities for basic and clinical researchers focused on human health.
How is GrantScoop different from similar websites?
Other websites tend to offer broad-based grant listings, often mixing science research opportunities with those in other areas such as the arts and humanities. Searches in these websites usually require user-generated keywords that may not reflect website terminology. GrantScoop offers the researcher a choice of selection criteria using 19 different parameters to identify the funding opportunities best meeting their needs.

Listings in other sites rely heavily on voluntary grant source submissions. GrantScoop , in contrast, actively scours online data, adding new opportunities daily.

Other sites may limited their offerings to certain sectors of the research community or research areas to the exclusion of others. Grantscoop caters to the needs of researchers at all levels: Undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, junior and senior faculty. GrantScoop plumbs government and foundation grant funding data across the full scientific spectrum of human health research.

Unlike many other sites, GrantScoop is a managed growth website. While our initial emphasis has been on cancer research, we are constantly expanding our database to incorporate other fields such as neurobiology and immunology. If you have suggestions of fields to include in the database please let us know.
Does GrantScoop contain information for both U.S. and international citizens?
Yes. The website has grant information for American citizens working worldwide as well as non-American citizens working in the US.
Do I need to create an account to see available grants?
Yes. You can create an account from the “Sign up” option on the “PLANS” page using a unique Login I.D. and Password. Then follow the instructions to complete the process. Once registered, you simply sign in using your ID and password to access UNLIMITED* grant information for 2 days/month/year depending on the purchase plan chosen.
What types of subscriber plans does GrantScoop offer?
GrantScoop has 4 types of plans:
a. UNLIMITED* use for 2 days @ USD 9.95
b. UNLIMITED* use for 1 month @ USD 75
c. UNLIMITED* use for 1 year @ USD 400
d. Institutional use for 1 year – call for pricing.
How does GrantScoop make grant searches easier and faster?
The database offers a wide variety of entry search keywords to match the client’s interests and capabilities with available opportunities. Keyword choices include Funder Category, Grant Title, Disease Type, Total/Direct Costs, Indirect Costs, Application/LOI Deadlines, Eligibility Criteria, Career Timeline, Grant Start Date, Gender/Race etc. among many others. For an example we encourage you to see our “How it Works” section or run a test search for free.
How do you keep the site up to date?
Funding sources are identified through exhaustive searches of 501c organizations in the US as well as government organizations. Once vetted, web sites are monitored daily via web crawling to capture any new postings or changes to previous announcements. A team of full time curators reviews postings and enters specific details for each grant weekly into the database. Before data is posted on the website, each entry is checked using a two-person cross-verification system to ensure accuracy.
Who are the “tenured professors” “post-doctoral fellows” and “foundation experts” on your board and staff?
Mila McCurrach is the Founder and CEO of GrantScoop. Her unique background and experience, which have crossed the academic research, foundation management and development worlds, coupled with the increasing need for discovery research funding, inspired her to develop the GrantScoop tool in 2013. Mila spent 15 years managing and directing laboratories at MIT and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and where she both co-authored 22 scientific papers and helped to manage multi-million dollar cancer research labs. In 2008 she shifted to the research foundation arena where she worked with and consulted for the Lustgarten and Children's Tumor Foundations and assisted with their fundraising and research efforts focused on cancer and neurological diseases.

Kristin Lehet is the Director of Institutional Licensing. A former lab-/researcher at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, she has over 7 years of research world experience and is co-author of 6 peer-reviewed papers. With her unique background as both published researcher and administrator, Kristin plays a key role in ensuring that GrantScoop's tools are useful and effective for both institutional administrators and researchers.

Ankush Dutta is the Curation Team Director for GrantScoop. He is based in Calcutta India and has 6 years experience in team building and management. Ankush is responsible for hiring, training and managing a team of five data curators who monitor, curate and summarize the world of grant opportunities in the GrantScoop database.

Claudio Scuoppo, PhD is a Founder and Director of GrantScoop Informatics. Claudio is a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University and a graduate of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, with 7 years experience in academic research and bioinformatics. He is principal or co-author of 13 papers. His computer programming background has been invaluable in developing the GrantScoop search engine and website. Additionally, his role as postdoctoral fellow gives the company tremendous insight into the funding needs of this group.

Andrea McClatchey, PhD is a Founder and key consultant for GrantScoop. Andi is a professor at the Harvard Medical School and has dedicated her 25-year research career to basic and translational research to help children with Neurofibromatosis 2. She is a broadly published research investigator with 63 papers. She brings an in depth understanding of issues faced by researchers and academic institutions and plays a key advisory role to the GrantScoop team with an eye towards the needs of research laboratories and their institutes.

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